• Word transport is derived from Latin root word “transportare”. Where ‘trans’ means “the other side” ‘Portare’ means “to carry”
tea carrying
• Tea Carrying
Being at a strong position from the last 30 years, Our Company is one of the largest tea carriers in India; this shows our dignity and desire to maintain permanent relation with our customers by giving satisfactory services at all ends. North - East region being our base, we carry both raw and finished materials for our esteemed clients. Tea being a perishable item requires intense service standards to be maintained while transported which has been mainted by us for last 3 decades.

  • Cargo Services
  We offer efficient and EXPEDITE cargo transportation services across North East region to anywhere on our network   which in turn becomes an effective, productive and trustworthy tool for our clientele. DHTC is one of the   well- known   leading cargo transport services providers with special services to and from North East region based in   India. There is   an option of consolidating the cargo into a full container because sometimes sending small consignments   can be   expensive process but DHTC provides best quality service at cheaper cost.
cargo services
O.D. Consignment
• O.D. Consignment
We work according to the wish of our customers. Customer satisfaction is our motto and we work to fulfill your desires. We can surely claim that we are the leaders in loading and carrying over dimension and heavy weight consignments on FLAT RACK. Our experts thoroughly analyze your consignment requirements and work out a plan for you. Our research cell keeps us up-to-date about the changing trends, changing policies, the daily index of the market, and implement new technology and equipment. Distance or Size is no more any constraint for us. We acquire a well-maintained fleet of varied size of vehicles like, Normal Trucks, Open Trucks, Taurus, Normal Tailors, Beavers, Hippos and Volvos having capacity up to 200 Metric Tons and above to carry Over - Dimensional - Consignments and Normal Consignments in and around the country.

  • Freight Management
  The movement of commodities in bulk is legendary and is also one of our specialties. Raw material, semi finished, finished   goods are transported through road in bulk through DHTC. We can safely and securely handle any type of bulk   commodity or material at lowest shipping costs. No doubt safety is our prime concern at each step. No matter what your   industry is, we find the best way to haul your goods within safety and time constraints on your freight operation by   delivering reliable & cost effective freight management services.
Freight Management
on-time Delivery
• On-Time Delivery
'Time is money' as is rightly said, is one of our mission statements. No product/Services can compensate if its appropriate time has elapsed. A manufacturer looks for a transporter for services which is cost effective and dependable at the same time. DHTC ensures, by it vast experience and infrastructure that your material reaches you everywhere in time not even on time but within the given time. We are having our own truck fleet and apart from these thousands of vehicles are also attached to us.

  • Warehousing Facilities
  We are having more than 1lac square feet of warehouse space all over India and we offer services like inventory   management to increase profitability of our clients. We offer warehousing facilities for storage of general cargo and tea   with adequate movement area and lift facilities for loading and unloading of stacked cargos. In terms of maintenance,   sanitation, and pest control our storage is regularly supervised and audited. With the help of experienced staffs, we   keep storage and distribution costs down through optimal space management. Our unique management of warehousing   facilities and services has been able to satisfy thousands of customers throughout the country. As North-east in our   specialty with regional hub at Guwahati with more than 50,000sq ft. of warehouse space.
warehousing facilities